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As specialist strata lawyers, Lionheart Lawyers deal with all issues relating to strata law, owners corporations (previously called a ‘body corporate’) and strata management. 

Our experience in strata law is extensive, from providing expert advice and drafting the initial strata by-laws to assisting in disputes relating to defective building works and recovery of unpaid fees. 

We are here to assist you at any stage and with any strata dispute.

Legal Advice for Strata Disputes

We advise owners corporations and strata managers on a broad range of disputes, including:

  • building defect disputes, including claims under the Home Building Act 1989 and Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020;
  • contractual disputes arising from building contractors who do not deliver on what was requested, or if there are building defects that need to be remedied;
  • disputes regarding the common property such as retaining walls and trees; 
  • disputes with individual owners regarding payment of fees and recovery of unpaid fees;
  • disputes with tenancies and leases; and
  • disputes regarding non-compliance with the strata by-laws and enforcement of those by-laws.

We are experts in working with strata managers and owners corporations in disputes with builders and developers of strata schemes. Our vast experience spans residential flat buildings, mixed-use developments, child care centres and boarding homes. We can also help with making insurance claims should you need to undertake expensive repairs to the buildings covered by the owners corporation’s building insurance.

Whatever your dispute may be, rest assured that we will guide you through the process and endeavour to find a suitable solution in the fastest time possible.

Expert Owners Corporation (Body Corporate) Solicitors

When navigating the complex and myriad laws surrounding strata, strata management and owners corporations, you will need the trusted advice and assistance of an experienced owners corporation/strata solicitor. 

Our proficient strata lawyers can assist the owners corporation to ensure that construction of the strata complex is compliant with the relevant state’s building laws and that you receive all necessary certifications in a timely manner. 

We can assist with setting up the body corporate or strata management after a new build has been completed. We will draft the required by-laws to ensure that the entire strata property is managed correctly and all interests are protected. Our solicitors are skilled in drafting both complex and simple strata by-laws to suit the requirements of an owners corporation, whether big or small.

If your owners corporation wishes to restructure or change anything in its management, we will ensure that this process goes smoothly with minimal disruption to the function of the owners corporation.

If you have any issues relating to a strata scheme, common property, owners corporation or building defects, call Lionheart Lawyers so that one of our expert strata lawyers can provide you with immediate assistance.

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