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Creating a will is an important part of planning for your family’s future. It communicates your wishes after you die and ensures your estate will be distributed to your beneficiaries accordingly. With the help of one of our expert lawyers, we will guide you through the whole process, and make any updates and changes along the way. 

What is a Will?

A will is a legal document that contains your direct wishes about how you want to pass down assets to your beneficiaries and loved ones. When you die, the Executor appointed to your will applies for probate so they can administer the estate. When probate is permitted, they will either transfer, divide or sell your assets based on the instructions in your will. Examples of these assets include property, personal belongings, businesses, investments and bank accounts. 

Experienced Estate Planning Lawyers

Depending on your situation, you may already have an Executor of will or trustee. If so, we can still assist you with making an updated will. Our experienced estate planning lawyers will ask you all the necessary questions you need to create or update your will. This may include your list of assets, beneficiary names and addresses, specific gifts and funeral details.

Creating a Legal and Binding Will

In order to create a binding will, there are legal requirements that must be met. Unless each requirement is met, the court will not consider the will to be valid and in the event of your death, the estate will be handled as if there was no will. 

Our experienced lawyers will ensure you have a valid and legally binding will that meets all formal requirements including:

  • The will is in writing (typed or handwritten);
  • The will is signed by you (the will-maker) with two or more witnesses present at the same time;
  • Your signature is appropriately witnessed;
  • Your intentions with regards to your assets are clearly written in the terms of the will. 

Lionheart Lawyers will help you get ahead of any big life changes and unforeseeable events so that you and your loved ones are always protected.

Making Changes and Updating Your Will

Once you have made your will, it is important to review it frequently and make sure it reflects your current circumstances. Lionheart Lawyers are able to assist you in preparing and updating your will, which may be required after:

  • Buying or selling property; 
  • Starting a family; 
  • Relationship change (marriage, divorce, separation);
  • Starting or ending a business;
  • A loved one passes away;
  • Moving overseas; 
  • Illness; 
  • Receiving an inheritance.

Visit us at one any one of our office locations or contact us for a free initial call to discuss our will-creation services. Once we understand your needs, we can advise you on how best to proceed.

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Seeking Expertise in Wills & Probate or Challenging a Will?

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