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Lionheart Lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with professional negligence claims against a range of professionals including medical professionals, lawyers, financial professionals, and building and construction professionals.

We have the knowledge to assist you with your claim and ensure you are compensated for damages if you are entitled to them.

Lionheart Lawyers Medical Hospital Professional Negligence Featured

Medical & Hospital Negligence Claims

Medical professionals in all areas of private and public practice have a duty of care to provide you with a high standard of medical care, with the ultimate goal of reducing pain and suffering and healing injuries. They also have a duty to warn you of the risks involved in medical procedures so you can make an informed decision.

When a medical practitioner fails in his or her duty of care due to negligence, you have the ability to sue for professional negligence. This also applies if you did not receive a high standard of care while you were in a hospital.

Lionheart Lawyers are proficient in pursuing medical negligence claims and we will help you be compensated for the pain and suffering, and the losses that you have experienced.

Lionheart Lawyers Lawyer Professional Negligence Featured

Lawyer Professional Negligence Claims

No one knows better than us that lawyers are in a position of trust to provide advice and direction to optimise outcomes for their clients. While no lawyer can guarantee to win every case that comes across their desk, all legal professionals are bound by legal and professional standards to deliver our services.

If a lawyer has failed to meet their legal and professional obligations to you and has acted in a negligent manner, there may be an opportunity to address this negligence and claim compensation for costs incurred and any further damages applicable.

Lionheart Lawyers Cosmetic Negligence Compensation

Cosmetic Negligence Compensation

Unfortunately, cosmetic procedures and cosmetic surgeries can sometimes result in life-long physical and psychological problems. Examples include breast augmentation, face lifts, gastric banding, liposuction, eyelid lift surgery, tummy tucks and rhinoplasty (nose jobs). If your procedure was performed negligently, we will assist you in pursuing a compensation claim to help repair the damage and/or compensate you for your losses. Contact us for a free initial assessment of your entitlements.

Lionheart Lawyers Architect Professional Negligence Featured

Architect Malpractice Claims

An architect has a responsibility to provide you with the service that you are paying for and provide you with the legally compliant plans and documents that you have requested.

If you encounter an issue with an architect that you engaged, such as a flaw in the design of the structure, withholding of the plans you paid for, or finding that the plans do not meet legal compliance, contact us immediately so that we can start the process of issuing a negligence claim.

Lionheart Lawyers Engineer Professional Negligence Featured

Engineer Professional Negligence Claims

In the event that an engineer or engineering company has failed in their duty of care to provide you with legally compliant advice and direction, you may be able to claim damages by suing for professional negligence.

If you are not sure whether you have a case, remember that we offer a free consultation where we can look at your case and advise whether it makes sense to proceed.

Lionheart Lawyers Accountant Negligence Compensation

Professional Negligence Claims against Accountants

If you or your business has suffered a financial loss or incurred penalties because an accountant did not provide accurate or compliant advice, you may be eligible to pursue a professional negligence claim against the accountant.

Your first call should be to one of our professional negligence claim lawyers who can look at your case and determine how to proceed. You may be awarded damages that will go toward recouping some of your financial losses.

Lionheart Lawyers Insurance Broker Professional Negligence Featured

Suing Insurance Brokers for Malpractice

Insurance brokers are responsible for giving insurance advice and have a duty of care to ensure that this advice is legally compliant and in your best interest.

If your insurance broker did not provide this duty of care, contact one of our highly experienced lawyers so that we can initiate a negligence claim on your behalf.

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