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If you have suffered hearing loss through repeated exposure to loud noise in your job or at your workplace, then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Workplaces and industries with high risk levels for industrial deafness include:

  • Construction and building;
  • Factory work and warehousing;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Entertainment, specifically working at events with loud music;
  • Mining;
  • Mechanical;
  • Agriculture;
  • Heavy transport.

Occupational hearing loss is permanent and can greatly affect your quality of life. Symptoms may include:

  • Difficulty hearing people speaking over background noise;
  • Distorted or muffled hearing;
  • Tinnitus, in the form of ongoing humming, whistling, buzzing or ringing sounds;
  • Diminished hearing in one or both ears.

Legal advice for Industrial Deafness Compensation Claims

If your work has repeatedly exposed you to noisy environments and you have developed symptoms of industrial hearing loss, then contact the team at Lionheart Lawyers.

We will listen to your case and advise if you may have a valid claim for compensation. This is likely if you:

  1. Have worked in a high-risk job in noisy environments for a prolonged period;
  2. Have experienced hearing loss, ongoing ringing, buzzing or other symptoms of industrial deafness.

If your hearing impairment is permanent and above the threshold, you may be entitled to a lump sum payment as well as free hearing aids.

In most cases, industrial deafness claims are covered by workers compensation, which means you will not have to pay legal fees. Our lawyers are approved by the Independent Review Office (IRO), who will fund your legal costs.

Importantly, this also means you have nothing to lose by talking to an expert lawyer first, before accepting a workers compensation payout for your industrial deafness claim. Lionheart Lawyers have more than 50 years of combined experience in injury law, including workers compensation claims. We know exactly how to maximise your compensation, and regularly dispute denied claims or partly denied claims on behalf of our clients.

Even if you feel it may be too late to make a claim, or you have had a claim denied, contact us so we can advise you of your all your options and entitlements.

Claiming for Industrial Deafness Caused by Your Workplace

If you choose Lionheart Lawyers to manage your industrial deafness compensation claim, we will:

  1. Gather evidence to support your claim, including:
    1. Medical reports and hearing tests to determine your level of industrial deafness;
    2. Work history;
    3. Related documentation.
  2. Complete the necessary forms and submit your claim on your behalf to the relevant insurer.
  3. Receive an offer of settlement from the insurer. If you are not satisfied with this offer, or the insurer denies your claim, we will advise you of your options.
  4. Rest assured that we will be by your side at every step of the process to ensure you receive all the compensation you are entitled to.

Making a Negligence Claim for Industrial Deafness

If your industrial deafness was the result of employer negligence, then you may be entitled to an additional lump sum payment known as work injury damages.

For example, your employer or former employer may have been negligent if they failed to provide you with appropriate hearing protection for your job.

This additional negligence claim may result in a substantial lump sum payment on top of your permanent impairment lump sum and medical expenses (such as for hearing aids and hearing tests).

Time limits do apply to industrial deafness claims, so if you have experienced occupational hearing loss, contact the team at Lionheart Lawyers today. We have multilingual lawyers ready to assist you and ensure that your claims process is as simple and stress-free as possible.

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Do You Have a Compensation Claim?

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