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At Lionheart Lawyers, we pride ourselves on our success in all areas of our commercial practice. Our clients are wide-ranging in size and industry and we are committed to understanding your business objectives and values. Our expertise and experience allow us to offer practical legal solutions and flexibility to respond to your unique commercial needs.

Lionheart Lawyers Commercial Agreements Featured

Commercial Agreements

We understand the importance of preparing and maintaining thorough and strategic commercial agreements between all business stakeholders. Our commercial team will structure, draft, implement and administer your commercial agreements, focusing on your commercial objectives. Our team has extensive experience preparing a wide range of commercial agreements, including:

  • Shareholder and Unitholder agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Joint Venture agreements
  • Licence, Management and Service agreements
  • Intercompany Loan agreements
  • Financing, Mortgages and other security agreements
  • Share purchase and sale agreements
  • Asset purchase and sale agreements
  • Consultancy and employment agreements
  • Intellectual Property Agreements
  • General Commercial and Business agreements
  • Deeds of Settlement and Releases
Lionheart Lawyers Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution Featured

Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

When resolving disputes, we appreciate that some clients may place priority on maintaining a positive relationship with other parties involved, while other clients may seek a stronger or direct approach. Regardless, we will work with you to reach commercially practical and realistic solutions in all commercial areas including:

  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Contractual and other commercial disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Property and construction disputes
  • Trust, equity and beneficiary disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Interlocutory and urgent injunctions and freezing orders

Our lawyers often seek to resolve disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR). These include mediation, arbitration, conciliation, and formal and informal settlement conferences. Through our professional and creative approach, disputes often settle with clients having achieved their commercial objectives.

It is inevitable that some cases will proceed to litigation. We will carefully craft a litigation strategy that reflects your commercial objectives, and work with you to achieve a successful outcome. With a technically competent and astute litigation team, along with our network of expert witnesses and barristers, we will represent you in:

  • the Federal Court of Australia;
  • the Court of Appeal of NSW;
  • the Supreme Court of NSW;
  • the District Court of NSW;
  • the NSW Local Court;
  • the Administrative Appeals Tribunals (AAT); and
  • the NSW Civil and Administrative tribunals (NCAT).
Lionheart Lawyers Insolvency Featured


Our insolvency team has detailed knowledge of Australian corporations law and insolvency cases and procedures. We act for insolvency practitioners, directors and secured creditors, and provide our legal services and advice in:

  • Corporate restructuring
  • Company Liquidations, Voluntary Administrations and Receiverships
  • Voidable transactions, including prosecuting or defending claims for unfair preferences, uncommercial transactions, insolvent transactions, unfair loans, and unreasonable director-related transactions.
  • Public examinations
  • ASIC investigations, including director disqualifications
  • Director penalty notices
  • Negotiations with secured creditors
  • Statutory demands

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