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When you are buying or selling a property, you need to engage a highly experienced property conveyancing lawyer to ensure that the entire transaction runs smoothly.

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Lionheart Lawyers have a wealth of experience in property conveyancing and can help you with both residential and commercial properties. We are conversant with even the most complex legalities surrounding the buying and selling of property and ready to assist you.

Licensed NSW Conveyancing Solicitors

Our solicitors acting on conveyancing matters have significant experience in the local markets to help you with your property sale or purchase. Property law can change frequently, so we ensure that we are always fully up-to-date with any changes.

We will conduct all the relevant title searches and review the contract of sale as well as any mortgage agreements that you might be entering into.

Our many multilingual solicitors are available to assist if English is not your first language and you find it difficult to decipher contracts and other legal documents.

Engaging a Conveyancer When Buying or Selling Property

While any licensed conveyancers can prepare the basic documents, our conveyancing solicitors are able to advise on more complex legal aspects and matters such as tax implications. 

When you choose Lionheart Lawyers for your conveyancing needs, you can be confident that we will work to protect your interests and minimise any legal problems down the track.

Experienced Property Lawyers

Our team of property lawyers are experts in every aspect of property law. We deal with the sale or purchase of properties on a daily basis and understand the many complexities that contracts can entail.

We regularly work with individuals, property developers and investors to manage their conveyancing needs. Whether you are planning to buy your first home or you are interested in purchasing a commercial property, we will help make the entire process as simple as possible.

If you are planning to sell a property, we can help you draft up the necessary contracts and ensure that the sale goes as smoothly as possible from start to finish.

Lionheart Lawyers will handle your case with precision and attention to detail. Our caring professionals will find the most effective way to communicate with every client, accommodating for all levels of experience, backgrounds, ethnicities and needs. 

When you engage Lionheart Lawyers to take care of your property conveyancing, you will receive exceptional service, clear communication and excellent results.

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Lionheart Lawyers are leaders in providing clear and concise legal advice and solutions. We take the time to understand your circumstances and offer tailored and customised advice and services to achieve your optimal outcome.

Our premium legal services are delivered by a team of highly qualified and personable professionals with more than 50 years of collective experience.



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Seeking an Expert Property Lawyer?

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