Defending AVOs, ADVOs and APVOs

If you need to respond to or appear in Court in relation to an AVO, whether that is an ADVO or an APVO, one of our highly experienced lawyers can assist you. 

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What is an AVO, ADVO and APVO?

There are two types of AVOs or Apprehended Violence Orders.

ADVO (Apprehended Domestic Violence Order)

An ADVO or Apprehended Domestic Violence Order is issued to protect a person or persons with whom you have a domestic relationship. If you have been issued with an ADVO, you are prohibited from engaging in further behaviour considered to be:

  • Assaulting or threatening a person or persons named in the ADVO;
  • Stalking, harassing or intimidating a person or persons named in the ADVO;
  • Intentionally or recklessly destroying or damaging property owned or rented by the person or persons named in the ADVO.

APVO (Apprehended Personal Violence Order)

An APVO differs from an ADVO by protecting a person or persons with whom you do not have a domestic relationship. An example of this could be a co-worker or a neighbour.

The conditions for an APVO are the same as those for an ADVO.

In some cases, additional restrictions may also apply when you are issued with an ADVO or an APVO, such as:

  • You are no longer allowed to reside in the family home.
  • You cannot contact the person or persons protected by the AVO except through a lawyer.
  • You are not allowed within a certain distance from the person or persons’ residence, school or work.
  • You cannot be in the company of the person or persons for at least 12 hours after consuming alcohol or taking drugs.
  • You cannot possess prohibited weapons or firearms.
  • You are not allowed to locate or try to find the person or persons protected by the AVO.

If you have been issued with an AVO that has conditions which you consider unfair or severely limiting, one of our multilingual lawyers can discuss your case with you and advise how we can help.

Challenging an ADVO or APVO

When you are issued with an ADVO or APVO, you must attend a Court Hearing. At this Hearing, your representative lawyer can contest the ADVO or APVO or contest certain conditions applying to the AVO.

Your lawyer will consider the evidence against you and obtain further evidence from you and or other witnesses as required.

Lionheart Lawyers has experienced AVO lawyers who can represent you in Court and appear on your behalf.

In some cases, you may apply for an annulment of the AVO and our lawyers will also be able to assist you with this.

Breaching an AVO

Breaching an AVO is a serious matter. You could be charged with a criminal offence because you have breached a court order.

If you have been accused of breaching an AVO, contact us. We will investigate your case and work on your behalf to defend the allegations made against you.

Defending Domestic Violence Charges

If you have been accused of domestic or family violence and charges have been made, whether fairly or unfairly, you will need the assistance of an experienced lawyer to prepare a defence for court.

We will thoroughly review the details and circumstances of the charges and advise you of the best course of action to drive the most beneficial outcome. We will explain the most likely scenarios based on your plea and the application of other related court orders such as an AVO.

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