Can I claim workers compensation benefits if I contract COVID-19?

Can I claim workers compensation benefits if I contract COVID 19

Whilst workers compensation has been around for some time, it has not had to deal with a pandemic before. What happens if you contract COVID-19, and that this has potentially happened because of work? How can you prove this?

The NSW government has made amendments to the existing law making it less complicated to pursue a claim resulting from contracting COVID-19. Certain classes of workers no longer need to prove when or how they were infected with COVID-19 in order to make a claim. These include essential workers and first responders (such as nurses, ambulance officers, police officers, aged care workers, and health care workers), retail and hospitality industry workers, educational institution workers, passenger transport workers (such as bus drivers, taxi drivers and Uber drivers), cleaning industry workers, workers in places of entertainment, construction workers, correctional/detention centre workers, workers in courts/tribunals, and ‘any other type of employment prescribed by law’.

There may be other scenarios / situations which may entitle you to claim for contracting COVID-19 even if you do not work in the abovementioned industries. Of course, if an employer can establish that you contracted COVID-19 from a source outside of work, then they can deny the claim.

If you are successful in a workers compensation claim, then you can potentially be entitled to weekly compensation for time off work, treatment expenses, and a lump sum for your injuries.

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